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State-of-the-art Technology


We take pride in being a purveyor of technology from our world renowned technology partners. In our history there is hardly a manufacturer that we have not worked with. Also, we are not restricted in any way to add more partners, so as to bring state-of-the-art of appropriate technology to our partners


Multimedia Technology


ESCO offers world class audio visual solutions, for our clients. As a member of the Infocomm International and the Global Presence Alliance, ESCO is in tune with the latest technology.
Our extensive knowledge base and unparalleled technical wizardry, brings state of the art solutions at affordable prices to our customers.


Enterprise And Collaboration


Innovative videoconferencing and telepresence solutions, as well as complete unified collaborative platforms are high demands in the market today.


Everything from data storage, connectivity, Virtual Private Network (VPN) services and network security, ESCO connects you efficiently and effectively at the lowest cost possible.


Technology Innovation


Within any business there are hundreds of processes, many of which have grown organically or have been inherited. They help us manage everything from small details such as where we file our documents, through to the big things, for instance how we manage delivery of products.


We enhance these processes through innovation. Using established methodologies ESCO observes the processes that naturally occur in your organization and develops technology tools that enhance your existing processes. Saving time, reducing cost and improving productivity. Process innovation creates greater opportunity.


Professional Services


As a leading Global provider of managed videoconferencing, telepresence and visual collaborative system support. We provide either on or off site outsource manpower to ensure slick operation support for you, maximising any investment to its true potential. We guarantee consistent support response which can be customised to suit any operating model and preventive maintenance visits, improving longevity of equipment lifecycles. 


Hostile Mitigation


Vehicle-borne threats range from vandalism to sophisticated or aggressive attack by determined criminals and terrorists. The payload capacity and mobility of a vehicle can offer a convenient delivery mechanism for a large explosive device.